One Second of Every Day – February 2017

I have to say, this must be the easiest project I have ever done.  One second of video every day.  The only thing I have to remember to do is pick up my dslr and take some video every day.  Since I’m already doing a digital 365 with my dslr, this is pretty easy to do.  What also helps is being part of a blog circle, that accountability really helps me follow through.  If you missed our January, you can check out that blog post here. And if you were ever curious about the other videos that I’ve done throughout the year, you can find out my videos on vimeo here. Check out our February, and when you’re done, feel free to follow the blog circle here!


January 2017 – Film Project

Ok, so I bombed my film 365 last year.  I think the problem is that I was just so excited about film that I went nuts.  Like seriously nuts.  I wanted to try every film stock, I wanted to try ever film camera.  2016 was the year of madness for me.  When I fall for something, I fall hard, and I fell hard for film.  So, this year, I thought I’d show some restraint.  Each month, stick to one film stock, one camera, one lens.

So I decided to try Acros 100, just because I’d never used it before.  Wrong choice.  It was so limiting for winter, indoors.  And I got bored.  So I already broke my rules for January. and picked up Delta 3200  Tried different lenses, different black and white film.  But I did stick to my trusty Nikon f100!!  Oh well, there’s always next month, right? Here are a few photos from our January.

Nikon f100 and Acros 100

acros-1 acros-2 acros-3 acros-4 acros-6 acros-7 acros-8 acros-9 acros-10 acros-5 acros-11 acros-12 acros-13 acros-14 acros-15 acros-16 acros-17

Nikon f100 and Delta 3200, rated at 1600

delta-3200-1 delta-3200-2 delta-3200-3 delta-3200-4 delta-3200-5 delta-3200-6 delta-3200-7




Letters to My Children – February 2017

Dear Ariya,

February has been a really tough month.  Your daddy had to cover extra shifts at the hospital, and you’ve been missing him so much.  Our household has been plagued with illness after illness.  You missed out on a ski adventure at Snowshoe and ended up with a fever for a whole week, which then resulted with a double ear infection.  No bueno.  But through it all, you’ve been a trouper.  You’re having a great time at school, learning your letters, writing and pointing out the letters that you know.  And you keep talking about your birthday that’s coming up in a few months and how you’re having a Paw Patrol birthday. You started swim lessons with your friends Hideshiro and Sei.  And we’re just waiting for the warm weather to stick, for spring to get here and stay, for us to play more outside. Please stop trying to grow up so fast.  I’m seeing your personality really shine through, and sometimes I get a glimpse into what you’ll be like as a teenager.  You are such a sweet girl, but there are moments where the attitude, wow.  I thought I’d have years before that attitude showed it’s ugly head.  It’s been rough, we’ve butted heads quite a few times.  You always say that you miss your daddy and that’s why you do the things that you do.  I know that you miss your Daddy.  But that doesn’t mean that you can act however you want.  You’re definitely teaching me, Ariya.  This is a process and we’ll work through it.  You are loved.

Nikon f100 and Portra 400NC

ariya-01 ariya-02 ariya-06

Pentax 67ii and Portra 160NC

ariya-03 ariya-04 ariya-05

Dear Asha,

You have been a trooper too!  It’s amazing that you hadn’t gotten sick all month, with your daddy and me being sick and then Ariya.  But I definitely spoke too soon, because you had a fever over the weekend and now you have a double ear infection.  And man are you fussy.  It’s kind of crazy to see you, because you are walking up a storm.  So you just fuss and walk, fuss and walk.  You’re opening up doors now.  You’re obsessed with pulling toilet paper off the roll, pulling tissues out of the box, shredding napkins.  And you make it known when you’re done in the high chair, you sort of push against the high chair and bang your fists on the tray.  You’re so sweet and cuddly when you want to be, but you don’t want to be held for too long, you get restless and kick your feet.

Your music lessons are coming to an end.  You’ve had a great time listening to music and hearing Miss Karen sing.  Your big sister comes with you most times, Ariya used to take these music classes too, when she was your age!  You’ve started swim lessons too, with me!  You love playing Humpty Dumpty and jumping into the pool.  Getting dunked is not that great, but it doesn’t deter you from splashing and playing in the water.

You’re ready for spring too.  Now that you’re walking, you want to explore explore explore.  Every time I let the dogs out, you scream and cry when I shut the door.  You’re just itching to get out there.  Pretty soon Asha, pretty soon.

Pentax 67ii and Portra 160NC



Nikon f100 and Portra 400NC

asha-03 asha-02


One Second of Every Day – January 2017

It’s interesting that with each new year, I keep thinking up new projects to work on.  My friend Francesca of Francesca Russell Photography created this amazing body of work, the beauty of every second, a video showing one second of every day for the whole year.  And it was just beautiful to watch.  I had been doing monthly videos for 2016, my goal was to do a year’s worth of videos ever since I took the Every Day Films Workshop last October.  So far, I’ve done October through July and am currently working on August.  I love doing these videos.  Don’t get me wrong, I love photography, but it’s amazing to see my daughters hit these milestones in action.  The way my daughter Ariya says COOL instead of SCHOOL, or seeing Asha crawl for the first time.  It’s pretty amazing. Which is probably while video will always be one of my main projects.  If you want to see all of my videos, you can check out my vimeo account here.

As for my 2017 project.  I’ve joined a pretty great group that helps for accountability.  After watching my video, feel free to follow the circle with Jennifer Stamps Photography here.

Here’s the first video of many.  One Second of Every Day – January 2017


Letters to Our Children – January 2017

Dear Ariya,

It’s a new year!  You’re back at school, back to your usual routine.  You’re learning your letters, having fun at school with the many crafts and activities that you do.  It’s been pretty cold at home, but no serious snow just yet.  It just so happened that the one weekend that we went to visit Nani and Nanu, it actually snowed down there!  We weren’t prepared and didn’t bring your snow gear, but your daddy braved the roads to drive to Walmart and get you new snow boots.  And boy did you have fun!  8 inches of snow full of fun!  I’m hoping we get some snow at home though, because our front yard is made for sledding.  But when we’re not hoping for snow, we’re going to Asha’s music class, or your ballet class.  We go to the children’s museum, and have playdates with friends from school. And on the rare day that it’s warm, we go out on the patio so that you can ride your bike.

The other day, you saw some construction workers outside.  The first time you mentioned what you wanted to be when you grow up.  You said “I wish I could be a construction worker so I can dig like that”.

A year ago, you had the hardest time pronouncing your S’s.  Like School was cool, Snack was nack.  Cutest ever.  You’re outgrowing it, and I kind of miss it.  I

It’s been rough for you though.  You’ve been missing your daddy.  It’s tough for you, when he’s at work for long stretches of time, when you don’t get to see him.  He’s gone before you wake up, and he comes home past your bedtime.  But it’s ok, you’re strong.  Your daddy will be off for a few days and will spend all of his time with you.

Dear Asha,

You are walking now!  It’s crazy, you’ve taken more than a few steps, and you get so excited each time you go further than the last.  Well, you’re not full blown walking yet, but you’re so close.  And I’m not ready.  I actually burst into tears.  Where did the time go?  When you did you go from being my little baby to being my little toddler?  You’re babbling up a storm too.  I keep saying mama, dada, but nope, no first words yet.  Just a lot of syllables.  You’re also still waking up at least once in the middle of the night.  I’m trying not to let it get to me.  I’m hoping that you’ll get over it.  I just don’t know how to help you get over it.  Can anyone out there help me out?

You do love your sister, you’re her little shadow.  You’re obsessed with legos, just like her.  You want to play with her play doh everytime she’s playing with it (and promptly puts it in your mouth, bleh). And you love pulling her hair.  For some reason she lets you.  I don’t understand why she lets you, but she does.  Because she loves you so.  She loves flinging you around, holding you, picking you up.  And you love every second of it.  You’re so lucky to have each other.

Portra 400 on Pentax 67ii

568860010010 568860010008

Portra 400NC on Nikon f100


Fuji 400h on Pentax 67ii




Film 366 Favorites of 2016

The year has ended and I have survived 2 366 projects.  One was a digital 366, using my Nikon d610 and Fuji x100t.  And the 2nd was a film 366, using a variety of film cameras and film stocks.  I went a little crazy exploring the world of film.  I’ve acquired a ton of film cameras, tons of film stock.  I was all over the place.  I wasn’t able to keep track of my film 366, because I shot SO MUCH FILM.  Here are some of my favorites of 2016.

37016jbmar137001-r2-0001 38170jbmar610003-r2-001 39855aamar629003-r1-013 39855aamar629004-r2-024 39855eegoo629007-r2-051 39855eegoo629007-r2-053 39855eegoo629007-r2-059 42813nnmar801002-r1-010-2 42813nnmar801007-r4-120-2 42813nnmar801007-r4-129-2 000009430011 000009480020 000009480024 000009490016 000009500004 000024840034 000024860026 000024930005 000024960003 000024960016 000060400019 000060400026 000060410001 000060410018 000064300002 000064300003 000068300009 000068310019 000068320019 000078130004 000078130014 000078150006 000097840037 000097850003 000097850017 000097860001 000097860017 000097860019 000097860021 000097860025 286460020019 286460020023 286460020034 312680020003 312680020006 312680020007 312680030029 312680040010 312680040027 314930010005 314930010013 314930010017 320360010008 320360010032 320360020006 320360020033 320360040005 320360050017 320360060003 320360060031 320360070022 342450010005 342450010010 342450010013 342450020001 342450020009 342450040003 342450050005 342450070003 342450070027 342450080033 342450090005 342450090021 370020020005 370020020014 381720010017 381720010027 381720040015 381720040030 399390010007 412850020020 426610010011-2 436610010025-2 436610030005-2 523900010016 523900020015-2 523900040004 523900040009 523900040011-2 523900040016 523900050016 560040060028 es35135goo509002-r1-003 es35135goo509002-r1-022 es35135goo509002-r2-074 es35135goo509002-r4-103 es35135goo509002-r4-104 es35135goo509002-r4-116 es35135goo509002-r6-161 hp33314goo415001-r1-003 hp33314goo415002-r1-005 hp33314goo415002-r1-006 hp33314goo415002-r2-046 hp33314goo415002-r3-061 hp34249goo427002-r1-010 jo33311goo041503-r1-035 sr33315goo041501-r1-004 untitled-71 untitled-92

I’m crazy enough to do my 4th 365, for 2017.  I’ve also decided to slow down with film and focus.  So, I’m doing a digital 365, and I’m doing 1 roll of film a week, and for each month that I shoot film, I’ll be using the same film camera, same lens and same film stock. For January 2017, I’ve started shooting Acros 100 with my Nikon f100 and 35 f/2 lens.  Let’s hope I come out with some decent shots!

Letters to our Children – December

Dear Ariya,

What an exciting month it’s been!  Your daddy had to go to a work conference in Orlando of all places, so you got to experience your first trip to Disney! You were so excited to ride on a “jet plane” to meet your favorite princesses, like Elena (you asked where Gabe and her sister Isabelle was), Rapunzel (who twirled you and talked about her friend/lizard Pascal) and Ariel in her grotto (you were so starstruck meeting Ariel!).  We ate at the Beast’s palace and you wore your Belle dress.  We met all of your favorite characters like Minnie and Mickey, Daisey and Goofey.  You were over the moon.  We took pictures of you with all of them, and you even got their autographs.  I think your favorite ride was Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh.  And you LOVED the Frozen Sing a long at Hollywood Studios.  I mean, you just sang your heart out, and it was amazing to see.

Then we had Christmas!  We baked gingerbread cookies, made reindeer food and read tons of Christmas books.  The tree was decorated, the presents were stacked and you were ready to see what Santa brought you.  Nani and Nanu came to visit, and you had a blast playing with them. Santa must have thought you were a very good girl, because you got a TON of presents.  You are one very lucky girl. We also so Moana that day, and I think Moana might be your new favorite Disney princess.  I have to admit, I can’t get those songs out of my head!

And for New Year’s Eve, your Grandma and Auntie Carmen came to visit!  More presents! But more importantly, more quality time spent with family.  You loved working on the life size puzzle of Doc McStuffins with Grandma.  And that Read Along Princess books was THE best present ever, Thanks Grandma!

Looking forward to what 2017 brings us!

Dear Asha,

You turned one!  We ended up having your birthday part at your Grandma’s after Thanksgiving.  Nani and Nanu came to visit, and Grandma and Auntie Carmen got you a beautiful cake with your face on it, along with a chocolate flavored smash cake.  You went to town on that cake!  Lots of family from your daddy’s side was there, and it was so much fun for you and Ariya playing with them.

You were such a superstar on the plane to Disneyworld.  You pretty much slept in the ergo while Ariya had her fun.  But you did get some play time in the pool, and got to meet some disney characters too.  You won’t remember this trip, but I do have pictures to prove you were there!

Santa must have thought you were really good too, because you got some pretty good presents too!  Lucky girl!  I think Ariya loves playing with your presents more than her own, but it’s good because you two play together so well.  You love following her around, and she loves tackling you to the ground.  You laugh together, even when you make Ariya upset after destroying all her cities and towns made up of blocks and legos.  We call you Asha the destroyer.  (We used to call Ariya the destroyer too).

You are still waking up at least once at night, but it’s ok, I’m hoping you’ll grow out of it eventually.  Crossing fingers!

You’ve got a ton of teeth now.  4 on top and 4 on the bottom.  You love eating eggs for breakfast and you love bananas, strawberries and pears.  Apples are funny, you love to just chew them to get the juice but then you spit the pieces out.  So messy.  And you love spaghetti, although I think you like making the mess more.

Looking forward to what 2017 brings us!

(Taken with the contax g1 and Portra 400vc (expired), rated at 100, with flash and pushed +1 in development, at Disney)

ariya-1 ariya-2 ariya-3 ariya-4 ariya-6 ariya-7 ariya-8

(Pentax 645nii with Portra 400, rated at 800 and pushed +1 in development, Ariya)ariya-9

(digital, Ariya baking gingerbread cookies)


(digital, Asha’s official 12 months)


(contax g1 with flash, fuji super 400, Asha’s 1st birthday)


(digital, Ariya and Asha, Christmas morning)


(contax g1 with flash, ferrania 400 (expired) film)asha-3

(digital, Christmas afternoon, with wacky Christmas outfits purchased by Santa (I mean, my husband))




Letters to our Children – November

It’s been a crazy month as your father and I have worked through our emotions during this year’s presidential election.  I want for both of you to grow up in a world where we take care of each other, no matter what color your skin is, what religion you practice, what gender you are or think you are.  We are all created equal and should be treated so.  I want you both to stand up for yourself, to not be bullies or mean girls, but to be kind and always look out for others.  If you see something wrong happening, do something.  Always voice your opinions, be strong in your beliefs. Be kind, respectful, caring, inspiring, smart and fair.  Take care of this world that we live in, because it’s the only one we have.  Let’s not be wasteful.  Let’s give to the less fortunate.  And always appreciate what we have.  We love you both so much and always want what’s best for you.


a few photos on film, assortment of cameras (contax g1, pentax 645nii, pentax 6×7) and film (portray 160, 400 and 800)

ariya-asha-pentax-645nii-portra-400-2 ariya-ga645zi-portra-160-2 ariya-ga645zi-portra-160-3 ariya-ga645zi-portra-160 ariya-pentax-6x7-portra-400 ariya-pentax-645nii-portra-800-2 ariya-pentax-645nii-portra-800 asha-mamiya-c330-fuji-400-2 asha-mamiya-c330-fuji-400 asha-pentax-645nii-portra-400-2 asha-pentax-645nii-portra-400-3 asha-pentax-645nii-portra-400 contax-g1-agfa-vista-200

and a few digital photos on the fuji x100t

ariya-performance asha-11-mo diwali

Letters to our Children – October

Dear Ariya,

You survived the 10 hour flight to Venice.  You were so excited to get on the “jet plane” because it was one step closer to seeing your cousin Eila and Niraj mama (uncle) and Hyeon mami (auntie).  Once we got on the cruise ship, we saw them, along with Nani and Nanu, and you were so excited!

You were a trooper with the time change.  You slept most of the way through our excursion to Dubrovnik.  you loved running through the halls of the cruise ship.  You liked Athens, because we got to explore the Acropolis and there were a lot of rocks and dirt to play with.  You loved playing with Eila in Santorini, going on the “rocket ship” (cable car to get to the top of Santorini).  The double stroller definitely came in handy in Split as we walked around the historic town.  Of course by the time you were adjusted to the time change, it was time to go back home.

Getting back to our regular routine wasn’t so bad.  You were excited to get back to school and ballet.  We went on your first field trip, to Marker Miller to pick apples and ride the wagon around the orchards.  Your next field trip was to Handley Library, you had so much fun singing songs and dancing.

Halloween is coming up.  You’re so excited to be Princess Elena of Avalor.  We even got a scepter to match the dress. You can’t stop singing and dancing with your Elena accessories.  So much joy and happiness.

What I need to record on video is how you pronounce your S.  School becomes cool, snack becomes nack, snake becomes name.  It’s so so cute.

Venice, Italy.  Accidental (but AWESOME) leak.  Fuji Reala shot on Fuji GA645ZI


Gelato in Venice, Italy.  Fuji Natura 1600 shot on Nikon f100000056410022

Spending time with Nanu in Santorini, Greece.  Fuji 160s shot on Nikon f100000060410023

Partners in Crime.  Ella and Ariya, Santorini, Greece.  Fuji 160s shot on Nikon f100000060410030

Exploring in Athens, Greece.  Fuji 160s shot on Nikon f100


Another awesome light leak in Santorini, Greece.  Fuji Reala shot on GA645zi000064290003

Double stroller came in handy in Dubrovnik.  Portra 160vc on GA645zi000064300017

Asleep in Dubrovnik.  Portra 400 shot on Nikon f100000064270030

Gladiators in Split.  Portra 400 shot on Nikon f100


Scratch pads (melissa & doug is the best!) and double strollers in Split.  Porter 400, shot on Nikon f100


On the cruise. TriX 400 shot on Nikon f100


resting on a bench in Split Croatia.  TriX 400 shot on Nikon f100000063410033

Selfies, pictures and film .  Tri X 400 shot on Nikon f100000063410037

Girl loves her apple.  Cruising.  Porter 400 shot on Nikon f100000064270001

Some digital images

dsc_3249 dsc_3298


Dear Asha,

You survived the plane trip as well!  I was really hoping that you wouldn’t be screaming/crying/fussing throughout this plane ride (your first!) and you didn’t!  I’m so proud of you, you did awesome!  The time change on the other hand…..well that was rough.  The 4 of us sleeping in the same cabin on the cruise…that was rough.  But you got to meet your uncle and auntie and cousin, and got some really good quality time in with Nani and Nanu.   Family time makes it all worth it.

You were pretty much in the ergo carrier throughout our excursions.  You also started pulling yourself up and standing on this trip like a pro!  You’re growing big and strong, way too fast!  You have your bottom teeth in and now your top 2 teeth are coming in.  You’re still waking up in the middle of the night.  Sometimes once or twice in the middle of the night.  I’m convinced it’s the teething that’s making you so fussy.  But seriously girl, when are you going to start sleeping through the night?!?!

You’re 10 months old and we’re celebrating your first Halloween!  I got you an Elephant costume for Halloween.  I’m not sure how you’ll feel about it, but I guess we’ll find out today, when we go trick or treating.

You love clapping your hands, especially when we’re in the car and you sister sings songs from Frozen (usually “Let It Go”).  You love grabbing for my glasses and pulling my hair.  And you love love love laughing with your sister.  And I love seeing you play with Ariya, and how much you two love each other. I hope that never changes!

Plastic cups are so much fun. Portra 400 on Nikon f100.


“I feel like partying!” t max 400 on nikon f100


Another awesome light leak.  Fuji Reala on GA645zi


Getting some auntie love. Portra 160vc on GA645zi


Cruising.  Portra 400 on Nikon f100


Nanu QT . Portra 400 on Nikon f100


nanu gets a smile. Porter 400 on Nikon f100.


Some digital images


dsc_3247 dsc_3300


**We had to say goodbye to our cat Lucky last week.  It was rough, Lucky was 10 years old and the sweetest most affectionate cat ever.  We all miss him so much.


dsc_8192 dsc_0053 dsc_2911


Letters to our Children – September

Dear Ariya,

It’s been a pretty busy month!  We went to Verdant View Farms as our last vacation of the summer.  Our close friends joined us, and you had so much fun playing with them!  We started off the vacation at Lake Tobias, where we got to see some pretty cool animals!  There was a petting zoo, reptiles, and safari ride.  Ostriches, donkeys, zebras, buffalos, llamas.  It was pretty fun.

Then we made our way to the farm.  It’s a working dairy farm.  We had a chance to milk a cow, feed baby calves, pet the goats, play with the dog Scooby.  We got to ride on Thomas the train  And you had so much at the children’s museum.  It was a fun filled few days, but we had to go back home and get ready for school.

But first, Labor Day Weekend.  It was a great time spent with your grandma, auntie Carmen and Phelix, and auntie Anjuanette, uncle Kashiff, Mekhai and Jayden.  The only person missing was uncle Eric.

You’re now in the 3s class at Sonshine Learning Center.  You are so excited to see your friends and Ms Lisa and Ms Janet.  I’m so happy that you’re love going to school and love learning.

You’re also in ballet this year.  You’ve got a few friends in ballet class as well, and you love practicing to twirl.  Every day you ask if we’re going to ballet, and every day you want to put your leotard and tights on.

And now we’re taking another trip.  I know it feels like we’re taking a lot of trips, but it will slow down, I promise.  We’re going on a “jet plane” to go to the “cruise ship”  to see Nani, Nanu, Niraj mama (uncle), Hyeon mami (auntie) and your cousin Eila!  I’m nervous about this 10 hour flight (more for Asha than for you), but I know we’re all excited for this adventure.

09_ariya_01 09_ariya_02 09_ariya_03 09_ariya_04 09_ariya_05-2 09_ariya_05 09_ariya_06

Dear Asha,

You’re 9 months old now!  And you have 2 bottom teeth coming in.  Its crazy how big you’re growing, and how fast time is flying.  You always follow your sister around.  you laugh with Ariya, you grab for her face, her hands, her hair (which, let’s face it, is the easiest thing to grab).  You’re crawling so fast and you want to stand so bad.  Actually, at 3am the other night, you WERE standing, in your crib.  It was pretty amazing.  I would have taken a picture IF IT WASN’T THREE IN THE MORNING.  I shouldn’t complain, last night you slept through the whole night and even took a 2 hour nap this morning.  I felt like a completely new person, with a full night of rest.  And you were so happy in your crib this morning.  Of course you’re starting a new sleeping habit just in time for us to take this trip. You’re first airplane ride.  It’s happening.  In a few days.  I’m hoping it will be a piece of cake!  You get to meet your Niraj mama, Hyeon mami and cousin Eila for the first time!  How exciting is that!

09_asha_01 09_asha_02 09_asha_03 09_asha_04 09_asha_05